General Algemeen Pink Parrot Communications voor Cambridge Engels, Engelse les en zakelijk Engels

General English

Being able to communicate better, more effectively and more confidently in English takes time and practice. Some learners need to focus on vocabulary or grammar while others might need help with pronunciation or word order. There are also those who simply want to practice and consolidate what they already know in English, and just need an experienced listener to give feedback on their language ability.

Whatever your reasons for learning or improving your English, working in close collaboration with the experts at Pink Parrot will give you the opportunity to excel.

Our tailor-made courses, which are based on your language needs and personal objectives, are suitable for all levels from beginner to proficiency. Using relevant language and learning resources, the trainer develops a unique language course that is in line with your interests and learning styles.
Pink Parrot’s language courses and training packages specifically address each learner’s objectives which also determine the length and frequency of training sessions. One learner may require an intensive course, meeting their trainer two or three times a week over a period of several months, while another learner may need a language session every three weeks. Being flexible to the needs of each of our learners is the key to our success!

More often than not, many of our clients book follow-up courses after their initial training course, not only because they recognise that regular language activation enhances their language skills, but simply because they enjoy the sessions and using English!

"Her sense of humour in the classroom as well as her ability to explain the subtleties of the English language made her lessons very valuable."